Christian Atheism? – Jeff Vines

It is one thing to say in the privacy of your own home, or to your family and friends that you are a believer and a follower of Jesus; it is another thing entirely to stand and shout it from mountain tops.

Is this the key to revival in our time? So many of us are waiting on God for revival, but God is waiting on us to take action. He has given us the power and the resources essential to spark a wave of revival throughout Australia and beyond.

There are many people who say they are a Christian, but the number of people whose lives match up with this statement are far and few between.

Every person who doesn’t just want to say they are a Christian, but actually live their lives who they say they are, needs to ask themselves three questions:

1. Am I distracted by affluence?
2. Am I living out grace?
3. Am I willing to suffer and sacrifice for the cause of Christ?

Watch the video above, or the two-part audio version that aired on Vision below, Pastor Jeff Vines goes into detail on each of these questions as we learn from the example of the early Church.

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