Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death in Australia

Reported by Haylie | vision.org.au
Thursday, February 7th, 2019
Sonogram of baby in the womb

Abortion isn’t just the leading cause of death in Australia, it is now the leading cause of death worldwide. It causes more deaths than cancer and heart disease combined.

Every year in Australia more than 70,000 unborn infants are aborted from their mother’s wombs. That number grows to 56 million when you look at worldwide abortions.

On a positive note, a recent Galaxy poll now shows that Australians are changing their attitude towards abortion:

  • 81% believe abortion is harmful to women’s health
  • 74% oppose late-term abortions beyond 23 weeks
  • 56% believe that an unborn child at 23 weeks gestation is a person who should have the same rights as all people who have already been born.

Despite this changing attitude and growing scientific facts proving life really does begin at conception, politicians around the world are changing laws to allow abortions up to the point of birth.

Paul O’Rourke, CEO of Emily’s Voice, spoke to Neil Johnson on Vision Christian Radio’s 20Twenty program about what the changing laws around abortion mean.

“Shocking”, is what Paul calls the current abortion statistics. “There is a lot of talk about a woman’s right, that it’s between her and her doctor and abortion should be safe, legal and rare.”

Abortion is certainly legal, but it is not rare. “Seventy thousand is a shocking number,” Paul continues. “All we’re saying is that it’s time to restart and reshape the conversation about why are there so many and what can we do to reduce it.”

As Christians, we are called to be compassionate, to help those in need – both the pregnant woman, and her unborn child.  In the audio clip below, Paul shares about what our practical and loving response to ‘a woman’s right to choose’ should be.

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