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There is a lot of bizarre and incorrect views of what happens after we die.  Sometimes, even believers will adopt some of these views, so what does the Bible really say about the afterlife?

Greg Laurie shares in the above video:

I read an interesting article the other day, it said that many Americans are sceptical about God, but more believe in heaven. So belief in the existence of God is down a bit, but belief in heaven is up a bit? How does that work? God is the one that gave us heaven. And the first time we read of heaven is actually in the bible, so this is a strange thing to me.

Heaven is not going to exist because more people believe it exists. That would be like saying, "More people today believe that the state of Arizona exists than the state of California". It doesn't matter what you think, they both exist, and heaven exists, and of course, so does hell. And this is something we need to think about because as we get older, the afterlife is getting closer.

We start losing friends, and even family, and we know one day, our day will come. In fact, as you get quite a bit older, you might realise one day, you have more friends in heaven than you have on earth. By the way, if that's the case, you need to get some new friends, okay? And next time, get some younger ones. But you know, this a reality we're facing, and life is just passing by so quickly. It seemed, when I was a kid, like the third grade lasted 10 years. And now, decades go by.

Here's the bottom line: according to Jesus and the rest of the scripture, more people are going to hell than those that are going to heaven. That's not what God wants, but God has given to us a free will.

So if we really believe what the Bible teaches about the outcome, let me backtrack first a second. How many of you believe what I just said is true? Raise your hand, if you believe what I said is true, okay. What you're really saying is, "I believe the Bible," 'cause I didn't come up with this. I think you know that. So we believe what the bible says about the afterlife, right? If that is the case, why are we not doing more to warn people about the reality of hell?

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