Irish Churches Ask People to Wear Masks to Services

Jess Drummond |
Sunday, August 30th, 2020

Churches in Ireland are asking people to wear face masks when attending services.

In a joint statement, they say that although there is no official mandate to wear face masks, churches have a responsibility to make services safe places for all who attend.

The statement says face masks are one way churches can help to make their services as safe as possible for worshippers.

It says using face masks helps protect the vulnerable, supports health workers, and shows practical love for neighbours.

The Churches “formally” recommend the use of face coverings at all worship services, but recognise that for some people such as the pastor or worship leader “it may not be appropriate”.

They also call for physical distancing of two metres.

Christian Today reports, the statement was signed by representatives of the Church of Ireland, and the Catholic, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches.


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