"Connecting Faith to YOUR Life"

Each weekday morning Robbo & Becci fire up the studio for a whole lot of fun, interesting guests, useful ‘real life’ Biblical insight & positive music to get you going in the right direction!

There’s plenty of talk on radio, but with 20twenty you’ll find Life, Culture & Current events from a Biblical perspective. Interviews, stories & insight you won’t hear in the mainstream media

Jimmy Colefax fronts a series of conversations filled with stories of everyday Australians who reveal the impact their faith has through a variety of challenges, many we all go through.

Most Christians have a desire to know and understand the Bible better, but what if their study and research only provides you with half the information you need?

Pastor Greg Laurie talks plain truth in a style everyday Aussies can relate to. Using (often funny) stories and straight talk from the Word, he’ll help you know God and make Him known.

Author, Pastor, Apologist and Bible teacher Jeff Vines gives straight answers to many issues of theology, philosophy and the practical, helping listeners to better defend their Christian faith.

Joyce Meyer is known for her practical Bible teaching and is also a best-selling author and radio and TV host. Many listeners love her down-to-earth manner, with practical help to live-out God’s Word.

Taking the kids to sport… working… or just relaxing – whatever your weekend is made up of Matt, Elmo, Shelley and the rest of Vision’s weekend team will make it just that little bit brighter.

Join Tak Bhana each weekday for a 10 minute chat that will brighten your day and give you something helpful to think about. Sound Biblical advice in a friendly discussion style.

Australian Pastor Ken Legg has a unique way of sharing the message of Grace, which sets people free from legalism and striving and brings them into the liberty Christ intends for all of us.

The future belongs to those who are aware… and prepare. Explore true foundation values through the prism of faith with Neil Johnson and Kameel Majdali as they consider about how to survive and succeed in the coming days.

Kameel Majdali has an amazing ability to bring to light the Word of God in a way that will deeply impact you. His programme On The Rock is an engaging series of Bible commentaries.

Each week Matt Prater has a candid discussion with Christian high achievers of sport, business, politics and more, accompanied by some great music to boot.

Egyptian born and Australian trained, Dr Michael Youssef presents solid Bible teaching to help you understand the message of Jesus Christ. Along with partners committed to changing the world, Michael Youssef is leading the way for people in spiritual darkness to discover the light of Christ.

Straight-forward and practical Bible teaching from Dr Charles Stanley is designed to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, and to strengthen the local church.

“A Different Perspective” is a daily 10 minute program that takes a look at the issues of life – real, here and now, relevant, punchy, insightful.

With a passion to help you make an instant connection with Jesus Christ – Berni Dymet uses everyday stories that will help you discover God and develop an intimate relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit and a knowledge of the Bible.

Dr. David Jeremiah founded Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries In 1982. Today, Turning Point’s 30-minute radio program is heard on more than 2,200 stations worldwide.

Real Faith is a radio program hosted by Eric Skattebo who has conversations with everyday real Australians about the impact faith has on their lives and the challenges we all go through.

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