Simple Steps to Satellite Reception

If you’re in an area we don’t cover with AM or FM radio, or have poor reception and would like a crystal clear signal 24/7, you can listen directly from the satellite!  It is usually reasonably inexpensive, especially if you already have a dish on your house.  The satellite signal is available everywhere in Australia and also parts of nearby countries.

 Receive regular TV via VAST?

Then you definitely have access to Vision - Just change to channel 613 and turn it up.

Don't have a satellite connection?

You'll need to get a dish installed - along with a receiver (also known as a decoder or set-top box). Your local TV antenna and satellite service (eg pay TV installer) should be able to help. It may be a very simple exercise if you already have a dish on your roof that is not currently connected.

You'll need to get a High Definition receiver to access OPTUS D3 (Radio Channel 613).

Prices can vary so shop around for the best deal - but the good news is that the cost of this equipment has fallen dramatically over the years, and if you get the right type of box, you'll also be able to access a range of international Christian TV channels too!


Other important information.

Please note our technical team is focused on installing, maintaining and repairing the 600+ stations in our broadcast network.  Consequently we are not able to offer support with individual setup and we thank you for your understanding.

If getting satellite equipment is not a viable option for you, Vision is also streamed live via the internet or through our free app for selected smartphones, tablets and e-readers.

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