All the ways you can listen to Vision Christian Radio.

Satellite       Apple TV       Bluetooth      Third-Party Apps




If you want to listen to the radio from our website simply follow these steps.

1. Click here to launch player

2. If it does not launch properly you may need to change your browser to 'always allow popups from this site'.


listen_app listen_browser
Use the Vision app to stream radio. It’s available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Kindle. Find out more here. Internet Browser – If you browse to the Vision Radio homepage on your device, you'll see a 'listen now' button at the top left hand corner of the page. Click on it, to launch a player in a new window.


Tunes in the car - Check out the Bluetooth pairing or FM radio options below to see if you can get better driving Vision.

listen_bluetooth BLUETOOTH PAIRING

Connect your device - If your car has Bluetooth connectivity, then you should be able to pair or connect your smart phone to your car. Stream Vision on your smart phone, and it should come through your car speakers. Easy!

listen_radio FM/AM RADIO

Find a station - With over 600 transmitter sites across the country, there is a good chance that you can receive Vision Christian Radio. To see whether there is a frequency nearby, simply go to our Station Finder and type in your town or postcode to display the stations nearby. Alternatively you can go to our station list here. If you are having troubles receiving reception, when you are near a station, please check out our FM/AM reception tips.


Listen via Satellite - If you’re in an area we don’t cover with AM or FM radio, or have poor reception and would like a crystal clear signal 24/7, you can listen directly from the satellite!

listen_vast  VAST

Regular TV via VAST - If you receive regular TV via VAST, then you already receive Vision, simply tune in to channel 614 and you are good to go.

listen_satelite Satellite

Satellite reception is usually reasonably inexpensive, especially if you already have a dish on your house.  The satellite signal is available everywhere in Australia and also parts of nearby countries.

You'll need to get a dish installed - along with a receiver (also known as a decoder or set-top box). Your local TV antenna and satellite service (eg pay TV installer) should be able to help. It may be a very simple exercise if you already have a dish on your roof that is not currently connected.

You'll need to get a High Definition receiver to access OPTUS D3 (Radio Channel 614).  There's more information here.


Find us in more ways with third-party apps. Below are a few ways that we know you can stream Vision.

listen_tunein  Tunein Radio

What is it? Tunein Radio is a free app available on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Simply download the app from your relevant store. Search for Vision within the app and you’ll be listening us in no time.

listen_wifi Wifi Radios

What are they?  Wifi radios connect to the internet and stream online audio through their speakers.


If you have Apple TV, then you can tune into Vision and listen to it through your TV.

Apple_tv On your TV

Using the Apple TV application for radio, search for 'Vision Christian Radio' and tune in to your favourite programmes.


If none of the above options are working for you or you would prefer to use a different media player than the ones listed below, here are the stream URLS to copy and paste into your preferred media player. Keep in mind different streams will vary in quality and data usage.

listen_stream Stream URLS

  1. 128k AAC -
  2. 64k   MP3 -
  3. 24K   MP3 -
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