2018’s Archaeological Discoveries

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Each year, on an almost daily basis, archaeological discoveries help us better understand the Bible.

2018 was no different and some of the year’s findings have increased our knowledge of the biblical world and the early history of Christianity.

Among some of the most significant finds of the year include Pontius Pilate’s Seal Ring.

The inscription on the badly corroded ring was finally read using advanced photographic techniques, however, the copper alloy ring was probably not fancy enough to have actually been worn by Pilate,

Another seal impression surfaced in 2018, this one with the actual name of one of the most important Old Testament prophets – Isaiah.

It nearly says Isaiah the prophet, but because there’s a letter missing at the end, it’s unclear if it actually refers to a personal name.

Other items of biblical significance include:-

The statue head of a biblical king from Abel Beth Maacah; a Governor of Jerusalem’s seal impression; a Beka weight from the Temple Mount; an unlooted royal family tomb at Megiddo;  semitic abecedary found in Egypt; Esarhaddon inscriptions found at the shrine of Jonah; a clay pomegranate found at Tel Shiloh and a biblical “Yerushalayim” inscription on an ancient column.

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