ACC Revises its Statement of Faith

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021
Jesus sign at church

Australia’s largest Pentecostal movement is revising its Statement of Faith.
Australian Christian Churches is holding its national Conference on the Gold Coast from 20 – 22 April where it will discuss the new creed.
Eternity News reports, the new creed was written by a team from Alphacrucis College, which was asked to maintain the ACC’s Pentecostal ethos.
Eternity says, the revisions mainly simplify the language used and remove archaic references.
In the new statement, those who reject Jesus will be subject to “eternal separation from God” – which modifies a reference to “eternal punishment” in the old statement.
Another significant change is made to the description of Creation.
A new statement on creation says “all people are created in the image of God” and removes a reference to a “specific immediate act” by God, although a supplement affirms the existence of Adam and Eve.
Scott Morrison also spoke at the ACC conference opening night and was prayed for by leaders and attendees.


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