Afghani Christians Go Into Hiding after Taliban Takeover

Reported by Tony Davenport |
Saturday, October 9th, 2021
building destroyed by taliban

Many Christian ministries have lost contact with their partners in Afghanistan.

William Stark from International Christian Concern says that when the Taliban took control, ministries working with the underground church worked tirelessly to evacuate at-risk Christians.

Now, many are trapped in the country and facing an uncertain future.

Christians have gone silent to avoid the rousing the suspicions of the Taliban.

Mr Stark says most are in hiding because of active threats against their community and warnings to refrain from gathering.

He told the Christian Post that Christians are particularly vulnerable because most of them have converted from Islam which is punishable by death.

The Christian population in Afghanistan is estimated to be up to around 12,000, making it one of the country’s largest religious minorities.



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