Archbishop Visits Cardinal Pell in Prison

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Cardinal George Pell has been visited in prison by Melbourne’s most senior Catholic.

Archbishop Peter Comensoli says he saw Pell in prison about two months ago, as the former cardinal awaited the outcome of his appeal over his conviction for sexual abuse.

“My role, as a priest is to visit those in prison. So you know, I visited him, I visited other prisoners,” Archbishop Comensoli told ABC Melbourne on Wednesday.

“He seems quite spiritually strong, I think it takes its toll. He’s on 23 hour solitary confinement, really. He only has an hour outside of his actual cell per day.”

Pell is waiting on the Court of Appeal to rule on whether his convictions for molesting choirboys will be overturned.

He was ordered to serve at least three years and eight months after being convicted.

“He has a sense of waiting, as with anything there would be a psychological agitation about waiting for what’s going to be the outcome of the appeal, but I found him strong spiritually and calm and very conversive,” Archbishop Comensoli said.



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