Are Evangelicals Getting What They Want From Their Pastors?

Tony Davenport |
Monday, January 17th, 2022
Jesus sign at church

Most American Evangelicals are happy with the length of their pastor’s sermons, while a third want more in-depth teaching from their church.

That’s according to a recent survey which found 85% of respondents satisfied with the length of sermons, which averaged around 27 minutes.

The researchers were surprised more younger churchgoers didn’t want shorter sermons.

Around 70% of Evangelicals are also satisfied with the depth of biblical teaching, but the other 30% wanted more.

Brand communications agency Infinity Concepts which helped carry out the survey told the Christian Post that’s good news at a time when biblical literacy is very low.

The survey found the vast majority of respondents liked topical political messages or political involvement in their churches.


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