Bandicoot Boom in Victorian Zoos

Friday, July 12th, 2019

Victoria’s zoos are undergoing a baby bandicoot boom after six new bundles of joey joy were born within days of each other.

Ten bandicoots have been born at Werribee Open Range Zoo this year in what’s described as a win for the species, which is considered extinct in the Victorian wild.

It follows the birth of more joeys at Melbourne Zoo last month.

“We’ve never had so many joeys born in such a short amount of time here,” keeper Yvette Pauligk said of the six Werribee babies.

“This baby boom demonstrates that, given the right circumstances and environment, bandicoots can easily breed and effectively manage their own populations.”

The joeys, which are yet to be named, are progressing well and are already feeding on solids.

Zoos Victoria has bred 600 bandicoots since it started its breeding program in 1991.

The marsupials are threatened in the Victorian wild by introduced animals such as foxes and cats.


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