Bible Translation Projects to Reach Oral Language Groups

Reported by Naomi Milham |
Thursday, July 29th, 2021

A three-year joint initiative involving 20 Bible translation projects has been launched to reach language groups that are primarily oral in their communication.
Spoken Worldwide, in partnership with Seed Company, have joined forces for the projects.
Oral learners are people who can’t or don’t read as their primary source of communication.
Nearly 67 percent of the world’s population are oral learners – many of whom remain unreached by the Gospel.
Both organisations have a proven passion for oral cultures.
Spoken Wordwide say, their aim is to meet oral learners where they are, and engage at a level they understand.
The Seed Company’s, mission is to see other organisations grow in their capacity to undertake Bible translation.
The two companies say their partnership is a great fit to expand the reach of the gospel.


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