Bigger Fines or Jail for Careless Motorists

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Drivers who kill someone or cause serious injury face bigger fines and longer jail terms under laws passed in Queensland parliament.
Careless motorists previously faced fines of up to $5046 or six months behind bars.

But a new offence of careless driving causing death or grievous bodily harm will result in drivers being fined up to $10,092 or jailed for 12 months, with those penalties to double for unlicensed drivers.

The amendments were passed after a heart-rending debate among MPs who paid tribute to victims of fatal traffic crashes.

“These are by no means the only lives lost in such circumstances and my thoughts go out to all the families affected by such incidents,” Transport Minister Mark Bailey said.

“I acknowledge my cousin Stephen Cole who died near Inglewood in April 1988 in a head-on collision.

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