“Charity: Water” Supports Clean Water

Friday, October 12th, 2018

A former nightclub promoter turned Christian humanitarian is helping bring clean water to more than eight million people.

Scott Harrison, the founder and CEO of “Charity: Water,” supports clean water projects throughout the developing world, with the help of contributions from about 1 million donors worldwide.

Mr Harrison this week released a book titled “Thirst” that he hopes will encourage people to aid the cause.

The book covers Mr Harrison’s life, including his years as a nightclub promoter, when he indulged in many vices and avoided religion.

It tells of his conversion to Christianity and his passion to provide clean water to the many areas of the world lacking it.

Mr Harrison told the Christian Post he wanted to not only share the story about Charity: Water, but also to encourage others whose past mistakes “are keeping them from a different future.”

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