Christian Campaign Advocates Fairer Tax

Sunday, July 21st, 2019

A global campaign which seeks to advocate a fairer tax system has been presented to the United Nations by a number of Christian groups.

The ‘Zacchaeus Project’ calls for a global tax and economic system “which delivers equity and makes compensation for exploitation and injustice”.

The campaign’s name comes from the biblical wealthy tax collector Zacchaeus whose story of meeting Jesus and changing his ways is recorded in Luke 19.

Zacchaeus gave half his possessions to the poor and would pay those he cheated four times the amount that he had stolen from them.

A spokesperson for the project told Sight Magazine that similar changes are needed in tax systems so that the poor are lifted up and those who have been exploited are recompensed.

The Zacchaeus tax campaign is specifically aimed at curbing the growing concentration of wealth in the hands of an increasingly powerful.


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