Christian Charity Providing Financial Assistance in Egypt

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

A Christian charity is providing microloans to help Christian families in Egypt bolster or launch businesses.
The combination of religious persecution and COVID-19 has reportedly led to an 80% unemployment rate among Christians in Upper Egypt.
International Christian Concern (ICC) – a non-profit that assists persecuted Christians worldwide – has developed the microloan program which now benefits 52 Christian families in Egypt.
The Christian Post reports, ICC’s ‘Hope House Program’ has traditionally focused on providing educational tutoring and child welfare to Christian children in Egypt.
But with the economic impact of the pandemic, the program is now also focused on providing financial support to families.
Though the microloans are encouraged to be paid back, ICC does not require return payment.
ICC says many employers have blamed Christians for the pandemic and isolated them from what few job opportunities exist.
Many Christians in Egypt contend they are essentially treated as “third-class citizens”.


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