Christian Radio Gives Hope to Indonesia

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

As aid agencies scramble to help in the tsunami-stricken Indonesian island of Sulawesi, it’s a Christian broadcasting organisation that’s working on keeping vital communications going.

FEBC is working with local partners to set up a temporary radio station broadcasting critical information about food, water, roads, and power, using a portable studio in a suitcase.

FEBC Australia CEO Kevin Keegan told our newsroom that the broadcasts have an important message of hope as well.

“Our desire is also that through our broadcasts, we can offer people hope in life, that we have answers to life’s difficult questions, that we can give an indication of ‘Where is God in the midst of a crisis?'” says Mr Keegan.

Mr Keegan says people need to know what’s going on – but they need to feel that things will get better as well.

Meantime, Oxfam Humanitarian Manager Meg Quartermaine says Australians looking to help out can make a cash donation, but advises against sending goods.

“The sending of good can put a lot of challenges on response teams, so cash donations are vitally important because they can then be utilised to support the response and the local economy,” Ms Quartermaine says.

The Australian government has committed an extra $5 million to help Indonesia recover from the devastating earthquake and tsunami, which have killed more than 1,400 people.


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