Church App Helps Protect Against Human Trafficking

Monday, January 13th, 2020

A new mobile app has been launched by the Church of Uganda to help young people avoid falling into human trafficking when they seek work abroad.

The new app is called Just Good Work and was developed by clergyman Paul Davis.

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali says high levels of unemployment in Uganda had created desperate tendencies among some young people, tempting them to seek undefined job opportunities.

The Archbishop told Anglican News the app will give Ugandans critical information on working abroad in their own language.

Developer Paul Davis says the app was created primarily to act as a tool for information, pastoral care, prayer, teaching, and community empowerment.

He says it’s not telling people what to do but giving them information to guide their decisions.

Mr Davis says behind the app, is the Gospel of truth which will help our people to make better decisions.


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