Church Elder Presents Gospel to Chinese Police

Reported by Naomi Milham |
Sunday, October 18th, 2020

When Elder Li Yingqiang from Early Rain Covenant Church was stopped from attending services by Chinese police, he took the opportunity to present the Gospel to them.
Elder Li explained to the officers why he remains committed to a church with several hundred members experiencing persecution.
China Aid reports, one police officer asked why church members didn’t simply change their beliefs when they could live a better life free from persecution.
Elder Li told the police, Christians hope to live a better life, but it is more important to obey God’s will than to live a good life on Earth.
He then outlined the Gospel for the officers, and revealed reasons for his faith, hope and beliefs.
The police said they hadn’t come to enforce the law on this occasion, but to have a “chat”.
Since their visit, officials have monitored Elder Li and his family around the clock.


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