Church in China Grows Rapidly Amid Intense Persecution

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Some of the most intense persecution against Christians in China is happening now.

According to China Aid, it may be the most opposition the Church has faced since the cultural revolution in the 1960s.

China Aid’s Bob Fu says some pastors have been sentenced to 17 years imprisonment for refusing to take down the cross from church buildings.

Mr Fu told My Christian Daily, hundreds of thousands of church crosses have been forcefully taken down, and some churches totally levelled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Despite this intense persecution, the church in China continues to grow at a remarkable rate.

At the present rate it is destined to become the world’s largest Christian nation.

Mr Fu says the number of Chinese Christians has reached 130 million – 10 per cent of China’s population.

By 2030 the number is expected to reach 224 million particularly if the persecution intensifies.


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