Churches Combat Terror Recruitment with Gospel

Monday, February 12th, 2018

The small region of Chechnya in southern Russia is considered a fertile recruiting ground for ISIS.

The Russian government has poured resources into the area since war between the two countries broke out in the 1990s, but unemployment and a lack of hope have attracted over 800 Chechens to the terror group’s radical ideology.

Mission Network News reports, while the situation may seem like a lost battle, the churches in Chechnya have learned to quietly share the Gospel by following two commandments – loving God and loving people.

The Slavic Gospel Association says offering hope and a transformed life is how they combat this sort of thing.

Spokesman Joel Griffith says as more and more people hearing the Gospel are drawn by the Holy Spirit to receive Christ as their Saviour, then that in of itself will help secure a change – but it’s a long and difficult ministry over time.

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