Churches Minister to War Zone Communities As Winter Approaches

Jess Drummond |
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

Courageous churches on the edge of an active war zone are in a race against time to save children’s lives as winter weather looms.

Members of evangelical churches near the disputed mountainous enclave straddling Armenia and Azerbaijan are acting as frontline responders as heavy shelling continues.

Michael Johnson with the Slavic Gospel Association has told Christian Newswire, parents don’t have enough food or warm clothing for their children.

Church leaders on both sides of the conflict zone are responding every day, visiting refugees and survivors, to pray with them.

They’re also distributing Emergency Relief Kits containing food, warm clothing, shoes, blankets, and medicine.

The latest brokered ceasefire collapsed within minutes of coming into effect.

The deadly flare-up in the disputed region couldn’t have come at a worse time, with families reeling from the pandemic and winter fast approaching.

Winter temperatures can plummet well below freezing.


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