Church’s Novel Approach to Reducing Environmental Impact

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

The Church of England is turning to heated cushions to help it reduce its environmental impact as part of a new zero carbon strategy.

Eternity News reports the church’s biggest energy problem is heating large spaces in winter.

It says it needs to move away from gas and oil heating in favour of more renewable energy sources to heat its 16,000 churches – many of them ancient, cavernous buildings.

It also owns thousands of community halls, schools, and offices.

Providing central heating for a church can cost anywhere from $38,000 to $154,00 a year.

The church is considering heated cushions for its pews as part of a strategy to heat people and not buildings.

The cushions were invented for restaurant outdoor eating areas, for use instead of gas heaters.

They’re chargeable with batteries, with a plug-in version also available.

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