Cliff Richard to Fight the BBC

Monday, April 16th, 2018

A legal battle between Sir Cliff Richard and the BBC is under way at the High Court in London.

The 77-year-old Christian entertainer is suing the broadcaster for damages, over their coverage of a police raid at his home in 2014 – following an allegation of sexual assault.

Sir Cliff has always maintained his innocence and was not charged with any offence. However, he says he suffered “profound and long-lasting damage” as a result of the BBC coverage, and is seeking damages.

The BBC were tipped off by the police and used a helicopter to film the police searching his home.

Justin Rushbrooke QC said no amount of damages could undo the effects of what the BBC did – but by bringing this action Sir Cliff can ensure that what happened to him, never happens to anyone else.

BBC editors say they will defend themselves vigorously.

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