Community Key to Overcoming Domestic Violence

Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Domestic violence has been making headlines in Australian society, and one man is using his experience to help others combat the issue.

While men are often seen as the offenders, the issue affects both genders with an estimated one in three women and one in five men experiencing abuse at the hands of a partner.

Matt Boulton has his own personal story to tell, having been guilty of committing acts of violence against his wife in the past.

He’s now helping others to break the cycle, as the author of Circuit Breaker, a course to help offenders, churches, and communities deal effectively with domestic violence.

He’s told our newsroom it takes a collective approach.

“Healing only happens in community, and that’s where we find other men with better instruments and tools that they’ve picked up in their life and relationships,” says Mr Boulton.

“That’s why I’m a big believer in things like men’s sheds and communities of men getting together and helping each other through these kinds of issues.”

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