Coronavirus Sparks New Persecution Threat for Christians

Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Christians in countries where persecution is prevalent are coming under a new threat.

Conspiracy theories are blaming them for the spread of COVID-19.

Open Doors, an organisation supporting persecuted Christians worldwide, has received “distressing” reports from partners in the field of Christians being blamed for the pandemic.

Ron Boyd-MacMillan, with Open Doors, says the conspiracy theories could be a political ploy to distract from government mishandling of the crisis.

Some radicalised Muslims in Africa are blaming Christians for the pandemic, claiming that Allah is punishing mankind because Christians in China supposedly burned the Koran.

In Russia, a state TV station falsely reported that an evangelical church in St Petersburg had been behind a cluster of infections.

Ever since a plague that ravaged the Roman empire in 180 AD, Christians have been blamed for natural disasters.


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