COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Underway in the US

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020
Covid-19 positive test

The first human trial of a vaccine for Covid-19 is underway.

Forty-five healthy volunteers in the US will receive the jab twice, 28 days apart, with the goal of the trial being to check that the vaccine doesn’t show any side effects.

U-S President Donald Trump says the vaccine has been developed in record time.

“This is one of the fastest vaccine development launches in history… we are also racing to develop anti-viral therapies and other treatments and we’ve had some promising results, early results, but promising, to reduce the severity and the duration of the symptoms”, said President Trump.

In Australia, a team of Melbourne scientists believe they have discovered how the human body overcomes coronavirus.

The Doherty Institute researchers have also found healthy people can expect to fight off COVID-19 in three days.

The team has been able to map in detail the way a patient’s immune system responds to the virus – which it’s hoped will fast-track treatments, vaccines and even identify those at risk of dying from the illness.

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