Disadvantaged Jobseekers Face High Competition

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

A study is painting a bleak picture of the jobs market for disadvantaged Australians.

Anglicare Australia’s Jobs Availability Snapshot looks at jobseekers who are disadvantaged by factors including age, not having a high school certificate, or being out of a job for a few years.

Executive director Kasy Chambers says they compared that with entry-level jobs on offer.

“There isn’t a formal qualification required where on-the-job training can occur, and so when we look at that, what we find this year is that there are [on average] eight of those disadvantaged jobseekers for every one of those entry-level positions,” Ms Chambers says.

In Tasmania, as many as 20 disadvantaged jobseekers are competing for an entry-level position.

It comes amid a push to get more women training in male-dominated industries, as demand for trades increases.


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