Doctors Called to Have More Faith

Friday, December 7th, 2018

A new survey in the UK reveals one in four doctors report feeling burnt out.

The General Medical Council warned the results reveal patients could be put at risk as a result.

Dr Robert Hardie is a retired GP and former President of the Catholic Medical Association.

He told Premier trainee doctors “need more faith”.

Dr Hardie says, I think we would have all got burnt out actually but I think a lot of us had a bit more faith than they have these days,”

“It’s that thing called the cross really and you just have to pick it up and walk with it.”

The General Medical Council found nearly a third of trainees said they always or often feel exhausted in the morning at the thought of another day at work.

It has published a full review of its latest annual national training surveys, which collate the views and experiences of more than 70,000 doctors in training and senior doctors who act as trainers.

The 2018 surveys asked doctors about burnout for the first time.

Dr Hardie said people wanting to enter the medical profession should be prepared for challenges as although “medicine is fantastic, medicine has always been jolly tough”.

Other areas of concern from the surveys included that around one in six trainees said handover arrangements did not always ensure continuity of care between different clinical departments, while one in three said handovers were not used as learning opportunities, which GMC standards say they should be.

Dr Hardie added: “I have great sympathy for them but I do think that we are in a secular society.

“The NHS has actually moved faith to the periphery – it doesn’t really want to know it and consequently, they suffer more.”

He encouraged people to keep medical staff in their prayers.

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