Encouraging Congregations to Bless their Leaders

Reported by Vision News Team | vision.org.au
Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

A new campaign is encouraging Christians and churches to support and encourage their pastors.

The Bless Your Pastor movement hopes to educate church members on the financial issues that pastors often face.

Brian Kluth with the movement, says congregations can bless their pastors in simple practical ways like babysitting and home repairs or even a word of encouragement.

But the campaign also promotes assisting pastors with specific needs like paying down a student loan debt, helping send a child to college, or contributing towards a family vacation.

Mr Kluth says it’s important to support pastors especially during these challenging times.

He told CBN News, Covid has really affected pastors.

They’ve typically worked 50-70 hours a week and even more over this last year.

The website BlessYourPastor.org has free resources including 50 ways to help every church to bless their pastor.


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