Evangelism Events Banned After Too Many Muslims Gave Lives to Jesus

Thursday, June 13th, 2019
African church

Evangelistic events in Uganda have been banned after many Muslims began converting to Christianity.

Morning Star news reports that churches in the town of Bwera, on the Congolese border held a recent open air preaching night where many Muslims were in attendance and subsequently came to faith in Jesus.

However, the success of the event drew the attention of local authorities who banned further meetings.

Christian leaders say they also received death threats and the local community is on edge, afraid to attend worship services and other events for fear of further consequences.

Church leaders in Bwera have called on the international community to pray for their protection, and for the new converts to remain steadfast in Christ.

The latest incident in Uganda is just one of many reported recently by Morning Star.

Image used via Shutterstock.

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