Faith in God Helps Man Swim To Safety After Tonga Tsunami

Tony Davenport |
Monday, January 24th, 2022

A disabled man who can barely walk has told how his faith in God helped him survive for 27 hours in the sea following the volcanic eruption in Tonga.

57-year-old Lisala Folau had sought safety in a tree when a tsunami of waves swept across his island.

But when he thought it was safe to climb down, he was washed away by another wave.

He clung to a log for 12 hours before landing on another island

A searching police boat failed to spot him waving frantically, so the retired carpenter decided to swim to a third island and then the main city of Nuku’alofa.

The devout Christian told Tongan radio it was the manna of God that saved him.

His daughter posted she was proud of her father’s bravery and thanked Jesus for protecting him.

Relief supplies have started arriving in Tonga where communications have been crippled after an undersea cable was ruptured in two places..


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