Fire Destroys Everything In Police Officer’s Home Except His Bible

Reported by Tony Davenport |
Saturday, January 15th, 2022

An Indiana police officer whose house burned to the ground just two days before Christmas, later discovered that his family Bible had been completely untouched by the flames.

Officer Michael Price said there’s not even a mark on the pages as he showed the untarnished Holy Book to reporters.

The Bible which has been in his family for decades was treasured by the police officer.

He said his family had always been big believers, but the book’s divine preservation means a lot.

He believes it’s a sign of hope after losing nearly everything else in the blaze including his pet dog and his police-issued belt, gun and handcuffs.

CBN News reports the local community has rallied to support Officer Price as he vows to rebuild with an insurance payout.

It’s still unclear what sparked the fire.


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