Persecuting Policeman Arrested By The Gospel

Friday, July 31st, 2020

A policeman in Vietnam who used to arrest Christians now tells people about Christ.

For years the officer – who can’t be named for security – had followed orders to infiltrate worship services, to obtain evidence for arresting church leaders and shutting down churches.

He cited house churches for being unregistered and claimed congregations undermined cultural unity.

He also arrested evangelists who proclaimed Salvation in Christ.

In the process, the policeman heard so many sermons he began to understand the Gospel.

Eventually, he put his faith in Christ, and was soon going to the same villages to tell people how God had changed his life.

Once authorities heard this they sent officials who allegedly attacked him, and he spent 10 days in hospital.

He told Christian Aid Mission, his suffering has been worth it, having already seen 88 people become new Christians.


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