Funding Granted for New Religion Syllabus in England

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

The Religious Education Council of England and Wales has just been granted 150,000 pounds to develop a new syllabus for religion classes in schools.

The new curriculum will include other non-religious world views such as ‘humanism’.

The Curriculum and Assessment Bill which recently passed, will change the term “religious education” to “religion, values and ethics”.

Thousands of pounds of funding for a new syllabus, has been provided by the Templeton World Charity Foundation – an organisation which says its mission is to fund “research on what it means to be human.”

Chair of the Religious Education Council – Trevor Cooling – has told Premier Christian News, they are “moving into a whole new phase of the way in which Religious Education is going to be taught.”

The curriculum will be developed over the next three years.


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