Gospel Story Inspires Anti-Trafficking Ministry

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

A Christian ministry has been inspired by a Gospel story in its work rescuing human trafficking victims.

Charisma News reports Jeanne Allert named her Baltimore-based organisation “The Samaritan Women” after being moved by the account of the woman at the well in the Gospel of John.

Ms Allert says she was further guided by the part of the story which reads, “because of her testimony, many believed”, which showed that those who were blessed by the ministry would help others.

The Samaritan Women rescues women from the bondage of sex trafficking and educates other groups on how to start their own shelters.

Ms Allert says the number of beds available in shelters is very limited and nowhere near what is required.

She says the group has identified 136 shelter programs in the US that offer some form of housing for victims, but the greatest need is still for programs that serve women with their children.


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