Government Urged Not to Rush Religious Freedom Laws

Friday, July 19th, 2019
Martyn Iles and Scott Morrison

The Australian Christian Lobby says the government needs to take its time implementing any changes to religious freedom legislation.

Scott Morrison and the Coalition are keen to pass laws as soon as possible to protect people of faith from unfair treatment with a new bill set to be tabled in parliament in the coming weeks; however, the ACL’s Victorian State Director Dan Flynn has told our newsroom, there’s a lot of people that are still in the dark about what will be in the proposed bill.

“The backbenchers haven’t even seen the bill yet; the opposition hasn’t seen the bill,” says Mr Flynn. “The community has not started their engagement and this process could well take 12 months or more, and that won’t be bad if it does take that long. The most important thing is to get it right.”

The ACL also says an entire cultural shift needs to occur and not just a change of law.

Photo credit: Facebook: Martyn Iles, Scott Morrison


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