Government Works to Find Other Barley Markets Amid China Tariffs

Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

Talks are underway to sell Australian barley to other markets, such as Indonesia.

China has imposed an 80 per cent tariff on our product, costing farmers about half a billion dollars in lost income.

Beijing says the increased tariff is designed to stop cheap Australian barley being dumped into its market – a claim Australia is refuting.

The federal government says the decision is “deeply disappointing” is urging China to reverse it.

Trade Minister Simon Birmingham says he’s working with the sector to find new clients.

“Our new free trade agreement with Indonesia comes into effect on the fifth of July, providing for 500,000 tonnes of feed grain to have duty free access into Indonesia – and we’ll be working elsewhere around the world to find other opportunities for our producers,” Mr Birmingham says.


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