Melbourne Sign Audit Continues

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Three signs over two Melbourne roads have been taken down for testing as part of an audit after one came crashing down on a woman’s car.

Signs from gantries on City Link and the West Gate Freeway were taken down on Saturday night because they were of similar structure and installed by the same contractors who put up the one that fell on Nella Lettieri’s car on Tuesday.

VicRoads says the signs show no evidence of stress or any immediate concern, but were installed by CPB Contractors which was used by Transurban as part of the CityLink-Tullamarine Widening Project, and VicRoads believes that these particular signs should be removed for closer inspection and further testing.

Tuesday’s incident prompted an audit which initially focused on the 17 gantries installed as part of the CityLink-Tullamarine widening and has been extended to other gantries of a similar size and structure on Melbourne’s freeways.

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