MH17 Remembered Three Years On

Monday, July 17th, 2017

A forest memorial will be unveiled in Amsterdam, with a tree for each of the 298 victims who died in the MH17 crash.

Today marks three years since the Malaysia Airlines flight was shot out of the sky over Ukraine.

Australia’s Ambassador to the Netherlands will attend the service.

Meanwhile, families of those killed in the crash have held a silent vigil outside the Russian embassy in The Hague.

Back home, the Federal Government remains staunchly committed to finding justice for the victims, 38 of whom were Australians.

Individuals could face prosecution in the Netherlands, after the country struck an extradition deal with Ukraine.

International Law expert Amy Maguire says evidence is still being gathered, and is complex.

She says international authorities didn’t gain immediate access to the crash site, and that a lot of evidence handling took place before the investigation authorities arrived.

She says this has muddied the waters and made the task of investigative officials more challenging.




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