Ministry Empowers Cuban Christians

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

FARMS International is providing the opportunity of a better life for Christians in Cuba.

When FARMS began operating in Cuba eight years ago residents were facing failed government programs. At that time FARMS planted seeds of investment through loans that today are growing churches and communities.

By providing interest-free loans through churches, FARMS gave potential business owners exactly the opportunity they needed.

Bill Wingenroth with FARMS has told Mission Network News, one loan of several thousand dollars enabled a small church to rent 26 acres of land and hire up to eight people to work the plot.

Half the crops are sold to pay back the initial loan and provide a profit. The other half is being used in the church to feed 75 elderly people two meals a day.

Churches have grown and congregations have multiplied thanks to funds from FARMS programs and the impact continues to spread.


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