Miracles Granted For World’s Poorest People

Thursday, August 15th, 2019
CBM Miracles Day

Listeners to Christian Radio across Australia are uniting for CBM’s Miracles Day 2019.

The initiative is now in its seventh year and raises money for lifesaving cataract surgery in some of the poorest communities on Earth.

Some of the most impoverished people in Nepal will have their miracles granted for just $33 this year.

Ms Edge says the impact is more than just financial.

“How do we reach out to people in these remote areas and make sure we understand their condition, their situation, and then encourage them? Because often, they’ve never been in a hospital. They’ve never been even in the most basic clinic, so there’s actually this degree of supporting [them], journeying with them and helping them feel comfortable.”

CEO Jane Edge has told our newsroom the recipients are so grateful to have their sight back.

“I’ve sat with men and women who’ve had the cataract surgery and they talk about how they can just go about doing those daily things that you and I and many others take for granted,” says Ms Edge. “That’s the power of the change that’s possible because it is a very particular condition that can be solved.”

Since its inception, Miracles Day has seen more than 150,000 lives transformed with the help of the Australian public.

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