Mission Cry Plans to Send Bibles to Abottabad

Friday, April 16th, 2021

Christian organisation Mission Cry plans to send thousands of bibles to the houses surrounding Osama Bin Laden’s abandoned compound in Pakistan.

Jason Woolford from the mission group says the place in Abottabad has a dark history, but his contact and team are confident they can deliver the Word of God to the area.

“He is very confident in being able to get to that location, which would be eight to ten hours of travel for him and our team and then the distribution of it. So those [believers] that are listening, we need you to really really pray, for the protection of this because quite honestly, I don’t know of any ministry that is in Abottabad giving the word of God,” Mr Woolford told Mission Network News.

Mr Woolford says they need funding for the project, but also for Christians to pray intensely for the protection of his team.


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