Missionaries’ Prayers Answered

Monday, February 11th, 2019

A team of 26 native missionaries prayed that it would not rain during an outreach to a village in West Africa.

They prayed because most of them would be sleeping in the open air.

The team went to the village in central Togo because they knew people there had never heard of Jesus.

No rain water fell, but during home visitations, stones did rain down on some of them.

Voodoo specialists in the village did all they could to hinder the missionaries.

The team leader told Christian Aid Mission no one was injured, and the voodoo curses had no effect.

After the team had spent several days building relationships with the villagers, a sizeable crowd gathered for an open-air event and many responded to the Gospel.

As a result of this work in Togo, churches have been planted in many villages that had been hostile to Christianity.

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