Missionaries Work On in Myanmar Despite Pandemic and Violence

Reported by Tony Davenport | vision.org.au
Friday, October 8th, 2021
widescreen photography of golden sun

With a third wave of covid-19 impacting Myanmar amid ongoing violence from the military coup, missionaries are shining Christ’s light in the nation “with tears and heartache”.

Soldiers frequently stop vehicles and confiscate medical supplies, so the missionaries secretly drive up to 10 hours to provide life-saving medical equipment and food aid.

One ministry leader told Christian Aid Mission that they are physically and mentally exhausted

Some of their workers have lost loved ones to covid and some were killed by guns and bombs.

The leader says his ministry has lost 134 pastors and other workers to the pandemic or to coup-related violence.

He says, “these are mourning and weeping days”.

Despite the hard times, missionaries continue to undertake regular evangelism and Bible studies.


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