National Register Tackles Gambling

Friday, November 30th, 2018

A national register will be introduced, that will help problem gamblers ban themselves from all online betting agencies.

The measure is part of a suite of industry reforms agreed to by the commonwealth and all states and territories.

Family and Social Services Minister Paul Fletcher says it’s about making it as easy as possible for gambling-addicted people to escape the system.

“By taking that one act, you can then protect yourself against being marketed to, being offered inducements by, [and] having an account with every one of the online gambling providers, of whom there are some 130 around Australia,” says Mr Fletcher.

The Alliance for Gambling Reform’s Stephen Mayne says self-banning when it comes to gambling venues has proved to be moderately effective.

“I think it will be more successful with the online framework because you’ll be able to ban yourself from all operators in the one go, whereas there aren’t too many schemes in Australia with pokies venues where you ban yourself across the whole country with one form,” says Mr Mayne.

The new industry standards will be rolled out over the next 18 months.

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