New Study Reveals Good News For Avo Lovers

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Avocados have become a go-to for everything from breakfast to lunch and snack-time dips. The creamy texture makes it perfect for mashing and slathering on toast, adding to smoothies or giving an indulgent dimension to a salad. No wonder it’s become a must-have on our shopping lists.

And in good news for avocado lovers, a new small study has suggested that when it comes to feeling fuller for longer, avocados may be the perfect substitution for carbohydrates.

The study, released by the Center for Nutrition Research at Illinois Institute of Technology, was conducted on 31 overweight and obese subjects, and linked the green superfood with suppressing hunger and increasing meal satisfaction, when compared to carbohydrates

After the participants had eaten the avocado meal, not only were they less hungry, but blood tests revealed that they had lower levels of the hunger hormone PYY, meaning they were less likely to want to eat again for a while.

While the 2019 study was small, there have been a host of other studies linking avocado to weight loss, with one review of studies published in Phytotherapy Research in 2017 that found avocados have ‘anti-diabetic and anti‐obesity’ effects.


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