New Testament Launched for Australian Navy

Saturday, October 19th, 2019
Australian Navy

The Bible Society Australia has released a Navy New Testament complete with a cover in the Navy’s new camouflage design.

Speaking at the launch, Bible Society’s Chief Operating Officer, Reverend Melissa Lipsett said people of faith believe this is the book for life and for living.

She said it changes the way we live, serve, and lead – and that all of us will be better for what we find in its pages.

Senior Navy Chaplain Paul Stuart says though it seems society is becoming more secular he sees sailors exploring faith privately.

He’s told Eternity News sailors knock on his door wanting to talk through matters of relationships, personal concerns, work conflicts, bereavement and spirituality.

Chaplain Stuart is glad to receive a new supply of Bibles, as all those he had have been given to enquiring sailors.

He says the Scriptures are in cabins, being read.


Photo credit: BNK Maritime Photographer /


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